PR Lighting Fixtures Reap The Fruit of Mendoza’s Wine Festival

Since 1963, theFiesta de la Vendimia (Grape Harvest Festival) has taken place at the Frank Romero Day Greek Theater, located in Mendoza’s General San Martin Park in Argentina.

The event is organised by the local government of Mendoza (with support from the Argentinian national government) and this year the Mendocinos again turned out in force, with around 40,000(including many wine connoisseurs) assembling each night for the night over the four days.

The company who tendered successfully for the technological infrastructure was Merino Producciones, headed by Carlos Merino. This was the fourth time they had been entrusted with the sound — and for the first time this year they were also awarded the lighting contract.

The person responsible for designing the spectacular lightingand special effects was Mariano Velasco.He made good use of nearly 250 PR Lighting fixtures for this scenic event featuring more than 1,000 actors, performers and dancers. For aside from an abundance of Malbec, the city-wide party features traditional cuisine, folkloric song and dance, and the main event — a beauty contest to select the ‘Queen of Vendimia.’

The PR Lighting inventory comprised 2 x PR 1200 follow spots 68 x PR XL1200 Spot moving heads; 126 x PR XR 300, XR 330 and PR XR 200 Beams; 48 x PR XLED 336 Beam.

Such was the success of this year’s event that Carlos Merino believes that with the support of PR Lighting’s local distributor, Disco Baires, he is optimistic that they will be able to provide the same technical infrastructure next year.

“This is a hugely imnportant event on the international scene. We have a strong commitment to PR Lighting and believe it will be possible to repeat this success again next year.