Project Story
Project Story
Guoxiu - Langya staged in Linyi | Dreamed of for a Thousand Years, the Splendid History of Langya is recreated by the Light Show
PR Lighting makes inheritance and innovation coexist via light show technology, injecting vitality into the innovative development of culturally touring industry in Langya Ancient City and creating a new city-level business card of cultural touring in Linyi.
Only the Dream of the Red Chamber - Magic City Full of Drama
PR Lighting interprets the stories of the readers of the Dream of Red Chambers, injecting a strong cultural core into the cultural tourism for the Dream Langfang.
PR Lighting Empowers the Reappearance of Chinese Civilization
PR Lighting with the empowerment of Chaoge culture by the light show and a dreamlike feeling via high-tech interactive experience brings the reappearance of Chinese civilization by national culture plus light show technologies.
PR Lighting News | A large-scale immersive building 3D Mapping epic light show The Spring Comes from Taihang Mountains
AQUA 380 BWS supplied by PR Lighting for the project is used to outline the most beautiful night pictures of Taihang Spring City which are illustrated by holographic images via the rendering by the fixture matrix in the front water area.
Peacock Returns | Yang Liping Specially Plays the Chapter of Winter , illustrating the Light of Life
PR Lighting is lucky to participate in Yang Liping's dance art creation and witnessed that teacher Yang Liping became a peacock telling the story of peacock and practicing the inheritance and sublimation of national culture with vivid and visible stage effects.
PR Lighting Makes Impact for Alan Walker Show in Bangalore
The platinum producer and global DJ Alan Walkers took a hot performing live in Bangalore for his exclusive India Tour on April 15th,2022