PR Lighting Really Shines and SHOWS its Excellence

On Mar. 3rd,2024, the 2024 GETshow hosted by SCEE was grandly held in Zone D of the Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall. On the first day, it attracted nearly a thousand internationally renowned merchants to participate with numerous industry heavyweights, professionals and customers from all over the world gathering in YangCheng(Goat City, nickname for Guangzhou) and focusing on new technologies, products, and applications in the industry.

  • The Grand Opening for 2024 GETshow

At 9 am in the morning, the opening ceremony was bustling. Nearly 300 people from government leaders, industry experts, representatives of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain and media personnel gathered together.

Mr. Liang Zhiyuan, chairman of SCEE and chairman of PR Lighting, delivered a warm speech. Since 2011, SCEE has been hosting annual GET shows to leverage the advantages of industrial clusters and promote the healthy development of the industry. It has become the world's largest professional stage lighting and audio exhibition. 2024 GETshow was newly held at the Canton Fair exhibition hall with an optimized exhibition structure and larger space. It gathered over 1000 excellent brands of professional stage lighting and audio equipment and held dozens of high-level professional forums. He hoped that everyone can use this platform to visit the exhibition in depth and discuss the future development direction of the industry together.

Accompanied by warm applauses, a group of guests cut the ribbon for the opening of the 2024 GETshow, officially opening a 4-day exhibition and welcoming guests and gathering business opportunities from all over the world!

  • Live Report of PR Lighting’s Booth

On the first day of the exhibition, PR Lighting’s booth was crowded with guests. Our guests can feel new visual effects and technologies via light shows, immersive experience and the touch of innovative products. And once again PR Lighting’s booth became a highlight of GETshow with its products’ excellent quality and performance and attracted many domestic and foreign clients to visit for commercial discussions.

  • Exhibition Highlights

  • Innovation in Technology and Science leads the future

PR Lighting is committed to leading the technological innovation of the industry and integrating it into a variety of its new products. The new products launched at the show included PR- 6000 Framing( 1400W), XRLED 3000-W Framing, XRLED 700-W BWS and AQUA LASER 500 BEAM and showcased our concept of Green Sustainability plus Innovations in Science and Technology plus Intelligence and innovation achievements.

  • The New Blossoms Empower the Future

On the evening of March 2nd, 2024, the New Blossoms Empowering the Future -SCEE Annual Conference for the year of 2024 i.e. Getshow Welcome Dinner and Top Ten Works Award Ceremony for Young Stage Lighting Designers for the Second Getshow Cup for the year of 2024 were grandly held at the Guangzhou Chimelong International Convention and Exhibition Center by SCEE.

Mr. Liang Zhiyuan, Chairman of SCEE and chairman of PR Lighting, delivered a speech on behalf of SCEE. He said that market demand is the best wind vane. In 2024, the GETshow will be in full blossom and moved from Poly Show Hall to Zone D of the Canton Fair Show Hall. The exhibition time will be more appropriate and the space more optimized. The 2024 GETshow closely follows the trend of industry development, not only showcasing the new technologies and products of nearly a thousand excellent brands worldwide, but also fully unleashing the advantages of Guangdong as a global entertainment equipment industry cluster. It has attracted relevant organizations, universities, and well-known domestic and foreign experts from upstream and downstream of the industry chain to gather together, focusing on exchanges such as product plus scene, product plus design, product plus service and etc.. He wished everyone a pleasant visit in the next four days and a rich harvest.

Mr. Liang Zhiyuan, Chairman of SCEE, presented the awards to the winners.

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