XRLED 3000-W Framing:A New Revolution of Moving Head

The entertainment industry is always looking for new technology to impress people with new surprise. Here comes XRLED 3000-W Framing which is the latest advanced 1200W white LED moving head with surprising effects.

High energy efficiency

Thanks to its 1200W white LED light source and PRs high efficiency optical engine, it is extremely bright and requires a low consumption, which easily exceeds any high-power fixture.

Saturated colors and amazing effects

CMY linear coloring mixing system with macros, 2 color wheels, 6 rotating gobos and 7 fixed (exchangeable) gobos. Lighting designers could create their shows making extensive use of colors and patterns, without fear of them being overwhelmed by other fixture.

Exclusive framing system

In addition to its complete range of spotlight effects, it has an exclusive framing system with endless rotating framing module, designed and patented by PR Lighting.

Excellent innovation: fixture types 3 in 1

The XRLED 3000-W Framing makes an excellent innovation that it is easily change into 3 different fixture types everyone wants. It is able to be a perfect moving head light, a perfect fixed-focus profile light and a perfect zoom profile light. The lighting rig is at the cutting edge technologically.

Moving head light with beam angle range(6-54°)

Fixed focus profile light with beam angle options including 6°,10°,19°,26°,36°,50°

Zoom profile light with beam angle ranges including 6-15°,15-35°,35-54°

(Note: Auto quiet theater mode for fixed focus profile light and zoom profile light)

Advanced macros

Color temperature macros: optional 2700K,3000K,3500K,4000K,4500K,5000K,5700K

Standard color macros: 88 color options

Surprising fan modes

It fits surprising fan modes, including standard mode and theater modes. Theater mode is quiet mode.

The XRLED 3000-W Framing is born for every occasion every projects, with an extraordinary luminous efficiency and excellent design which will ensure their owners the best operating costs and quickest return on investment.