Model No. PR-8163

XRLED 700 Spot

XLED 700 Spot - features a 320W white LED light, provides a level ofbrightness more than 700W traditional lamp. Wireless, compact and lightweight, energy saving and environmental. It’s ideal for professional locations.
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Key Features:

  • Light Source: Atria TM HL320+ 320W(white, 8,000±500K), >20,000 hrs
  • Input Voltages: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 750W@220V
  • Strobe: electronic strobe, 0.3-20 F.P.S with macro
  • Dimmer: electronic dimmer 0-100% linearly adjustable
  • Prism: 1 3-facet prism, bi-drectionally rotating at variable speed, indexable
  • Frost: 1 frost filter
  • Iris: 5-100% linearly adjusted with macros
  • Focus/Zoom: motorized linear focus and zoom
  • Light Angle: 12°~36°
  • Head Movement: pan 540º, tilt 270º with auto position correction
  • Control: DMX512, 3 pins and 5 pins interface
  • Channels: short mode 15 channels, standard mode 19 channels, and extended mode 23 channels
  • Other Functions: DMX512 wireless receiver, DMX512 wireless transmitter(optional)
  • Housing: composite plastic
  • IP20
  • Light Weight: 24kg

  • 1 Color Wheel: 6 dichroic colors filters plus open

  • Rainbow effect at variable speed

  • 1 Fixed Gobo Wheel: 7 interchangeable gobos plus open

  • Shaking at variable speed and bi-directional scrolling effect

  • 1 Rotating Gobo Wheel: 7 interchangeable gobos plus open, glass or metal gobos can be fixed

  • Bi-drectionally rotating and scrolling effects at variable speed, Indexable , shaking effect at variable speed

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