Corymi Provides PR Lighting Architectural Wash For New Ukraine Shopping Mall

Posted: 11-29-2013

Corymi Provides PR Lighting Architectural Wash For New Ukraine Shopping Mall

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Corymi Provides PR Lighting Architectural Wash For New Ukraine Shopping Mall

PR Lighting’s new generation LED architectural fixtures have been specified toprovide a colour-changing wash of the new PortCity Shopping Mall façade in thecity of Mariupol (Ukraine).

CORTMILtd., the PR Lighting Ukrainian distributor, was able to meet the client’slighting requirements. Explained CORTMI marketing manager, StanislavSerbin,“The initial task was to offer an energy saving architectural lighting systemfor a certain part of the façade that would provide minimal luminosity of 200lux. LED-based fixtures were requested from the very beginning to minimizerunning costs.”

“Thechoice of the models and optical groups was predetermined by the possiblepoints of installation on the general purpose lighting poles — and in terms ofprice and features the choice was an obvious one.”

Thecompany therefore specified 12 x PR-8802 and 7 x PR-8800 for the outdoorarchitectural floodlighting, in addition to which CORTMI also provided indooreffect lighting for the children’s entertainment centreFuntura and bowling centreBomBay.

Housedin cast aluminum, with an IP67 rating, the entire PR Lighting architecturallighting system, used to create exterior colour mixing and colour-changepatterns, is managed from Nicolaudie Stick andastronomic time control. The program created includes full colour fades andsmooth colour change running from side to side.

Thecurrent sequence can be chosen by the local authorized staffat any time whilethe fixtures themselves have automatic environmental brightness adjustment.

The PR-8800 features 108 3W RGBW LEDs (27 each),linear colour temperature correction and 0-100% linear adjustable dimmer; 0-20fps strobe; field angle of 28° (with optional 26° and 56°) and beam angle of 14°(with optional 8° and 45°), with 16 recallable presets and 16 user memories.

The PR-8802 resembles the PR-8800 but has two stacked‘heads,’ — doubling the power rating from a total of 216 3W LEDs, with a lensangle of 14° (field angle 32°).

Installedon nine separate lighting masts, either in pairs or individually, all thefixtures were programmed by CORTMI’s engineers, in accordance with thecustomer’s wishes.

Thetrade centre itself occupies a total of 78,800 sq. metres (with the shopping areaitself utilising net 52,00 sq. metres of space.) Three zones of the façade arelit – the curved façade (measuring 125m x 14m high) and the right and leftsides (which are each 30m wide and 20m high).

The installation was performed by the construction company underCORTMI’s supervision.

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