PR Lighting XPar 348 Helps Paint the Picture at Motion Notion

Posted: 08-22-2013

PR Lighting XPar 348 Helps Paint the Picture at Motion Notion

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PR Lighting XPar 348 Helps Paint the Picture at Motion Notion

Motion Notion is an annual event which hasmoved around various venues in the Canadian west coast state of BritishColumbia before setting up base at the Beaverfoot Lodge in Golden, BC two yearsago.

Around 4,000 people turned up to the 2013event, including DJ’s and VJ’s from across the Calgaryand Edmontonareas. After around 15 years or so the event is finally getting the recognitionit deserves, according to Steve Burak of EA Systems, who provided lighting forthe main Templestage.

Contracted by promoter James Katalystfor the first time,Burak himself took on LD duties,working alongside Calgary-based audio company, PK Sound. At the core of hisinventory were 13 of PR Lighting’s XPAR 348 LED heads. Containing 48 x 3W high quality RGBW LED’s this unit’s attributes include low noise, low maintenance, energysaving and a weight of just 9kg.

The fixtures endured an arduous duty cycle,working throughthe night from dusk until dawn. Rigged alongside generic LED’sand discharge lights they were driven from a Martin LightJockey. with LED-Trixengine for some of the fixtures, and a Hog 1000 as backup.

Because of the high amount of LED fixturesand the type of show, this was the ideal solution,” said Steve Burak. “I wasable to patch in the XPars by skipping the DMX channels in the RGBW patchsetup.”

He confirmed that the XPars had been thefirst items on his wish list — specifically chosen for their waterproof (IP67)and dustproof rating and their ability to perform through the night. “They werea breezeto clean and could be placed anywhere — exposed to all weathers thatmay have come our way,” he continued.

“Everything worked great, and we usedtheXParsas the sole lighting for the decor tent-structure, where they did theirjob wonderfully. The high intensity of the output lit up the structure beyondanyone’s expectations and the colour change worked just as we had hoped byreflecting colours that were projected.”

And the finalXPar 348 proved to be very usefulin lighting the tip of the structure — which had not been accounted for in theoriginal lighting spec.

“Gigs like this reaffirm my choice to buy PR fixtures,” summarised theLD. Both he and the PR Lighting effects also received praise from James Katalyst.“We hired Steve’s company because we needed lots of LEDs to make the canopycome alive with colour changes and blacklight. The blocks of colour painted onthe canopy and video screen frames changedcolour as the LEDs changed — it was akiller effect,” he said.

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